From Switzerland to Brazil

In the heart of Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul, amidst its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, John, co-founder of Amethystique, found his calling.
The region’s amethysts, imposing and splendid, were unlike anything he had encountered in Switzerland. Struck by their natural beauty and the spirit of the local community, John envisioned a new way to share these
treasures with the world.

Amethystique was founded with a mission to enchant and
satisfy amethyst lovers

By fostering strong relationships with local miners and adhering to high standards of quality, our team ensures that each amethyst selected for Amethystique meets the highest standards of luxury, harmony, and ethical sourcing.

This commitment to excellence and integrity is at the heart of our operations, reflecting our vision to transform the gemstone shopping experience through innovation and unparalleled customer service.

Each stone successfully delivered to a satisfied customer is a step towards realizing our goal of becoming the largest and most respected destination for amethyst enthusiasts in the U.S.A.