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Rio Grande do Sul, Brasilien

Heart-shaped Amethyst Slab - Áurea

Heart-shaped Amethyst Slab - Áurea

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Weight (lbs): 10.58
Dimensions (inch) L: 1.57 W: 11.02 H: 13.39

Heart-shaped amethyst plaque in Ametista pink: Lovingly shaped, it radiates warmth and elegance.

Our amethyst plaques are a testament to the serene beauty of this exquisite crystal. Each plaque is a natural wonder, a flat stone that displays the alluring colors and patterns of amethyst. These geological wonders have formed over thousands of years as layers of amethyst crystals have been compressed into stunning flat surfaces.

Our carefully selected range of amethyst plaque offer a glimpse into the artistry of nature. The intriguing patterns and purple hues are not only visually appealing, but also a testament to the unique journey of amethyst. These stones record the geological history of pressure, temperature and mineral content fluctuations during their formation, making each piece unique.

Each amethyst plaque in our collection is handpicked for its quality and beauty. Whether used as a decorative piece, for meditation or as a thoughtful gift, these flat stones bring the calming energy of nature right into your home.

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